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Everyday Art Tour

Step through the pages of Santa Barbara’s history and artistic heritage to discover why so many artists call this creatively vibrant city home.   

Since the early 1900s, art has played a major role in defining Santa Barbara as a city. Whether it's tucked away in a winding paseo or hidden in plain sight in a busy shopping plaza, art can be found in the most surprising places – if you know where to look!

Our Everyday Art Walk focuses on unique Artwork surrounding the urban area of Santa Barbara.  We call it Everyday Art because you might walk past it everyday and never really notice. Some of it’s in plain sight… and well, some of it is located in the most unexpected and often overlooked places.  It is intended for the inquisitive and the culturally curious.

Immerse yourself in Santa Barbara’s rich culture and history as you explore an extraordinary array of art – from ancient Spanish artifacts, life-size Statues, a Mural made with 200,000 plus tiles and a walkway intended to capture the feel of the ocean.

Step out with our passionate, personable, and knowledgeable guides and learn about the artists and inspiration behind a wide variety of paintings, murals, mosaics, sculptures, and fountains interspersed throughout Santa Barbara’s historic buildings and walkways.

Our innovative walking tour is designed to help you explore the lineage of art in Santa Barbara while gaining a unique understanding of the city’s artistic heritage. Delve into the works of art and pieces of history that have contributed so much to the city’s singular personality and distinct sense of community.

Step beyond the ordinary with Santa Barbara Walking Tours and discover a new way to experience the city.

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